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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Got it to work! Not quite sure what the problem was...Maybe just being away and using Wi Fi changed my security settings. I just reset them all to default and restarted.

I don't have many other pictures of our trip. Most of them are on Dad Callaghan's camera and he is not back yet. Here are just a couple more from our AL trip to post. I will put up some more when he gets home and I am able to get those.

Daddy and Darren...Darren did NOT love the waves, as you can tell! TOO funny!

He did, however, want to LIVE on the beach so he could play in the sand!

The beautiful sunrise...

Dan enjoying the waves!

Darren and Grandpa, "Chillin' and watching Franklin the Turtle!"

The absolutely AMAZING view from our condo balcony!! See those blue umbrella chairs? That is where Dan and I had our devotions in the morning. Took our cups of coffee down, let Darren play in the sand while we read. Talk about AWESOME!!!

Had an AMAZING time. BIG thanks to Dad Callaghan for bringing us!!


Sorry, I haven't posted in a while. I cannot upload pictures to my blog or see any that I have already posted, including my header picture?!

Not sure what that's about. It seems like a security setting that got messed up, but I really have NO IDEA where to start in finding the problem!

Hopefully I will have it all back up and running soon!

Can anyone else see all the pictures? If so, then it is probably a security setting on my computer. That will be LOTS of fun to figure out!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Having fun!!

Here are just a few pictures from our trip so far. We are having a blast! I will post more later.

The view from our balcony...

Daddy and Darren taking a nap...

The kids on the first day, anxious to get to the beach...(on our balcony)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Lots of fun...

Exciting day today!

Darren was playing swords and jumping on the couch. He misjudged his distance as he jumped and hit the coffee table, full-force right above his eye! POOR BABY!! It is really swollen and looks terrible, but doesn't seem to be too bad. I did email his doctor and received some advice. It is such a wonderful thing to have access to his doctor via email! We will see how he is tomorrow. Looks like he is going to have a nice "shiner" for our Alabama trip!

We had fun playing with our camera, once again something digital! Darren LOVES messing with digital gadgets. he actually took this picture of me. Pretty good for a 2 year old! He is fun!

Poor Dan has Strep Throat! We are pitiful aren't we? He was able to go ahead and get a prescription since we are leaving out of town on Sunday evening, we figured that was something he better not play around with. Hopefully he will be feeling a bit better by then and no one else will catch it!

We are looking forward to our family vacation in just a few days! Darren keeps talking about AlaVama! Hee Hee! He is excited even though he really doesn't know what's going on. But he does know we get to fly on an airplane!

That's all for today.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our wonderful little man...

Here are a few pictures and a little video clip of our little cute man. He has such a "Bright" and enthusiastic spirit!


Grandma Callaghan found him this Hulk boxing gloves. They make noise when you swing and he LOVES them!

A picture of the Callaghan cousins! They have so much fun together.

Ah! yet another example of Darren's seemingly inevitable development into a perfectionist!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease...

Yup, Darren's got it! Oh, joy! He doesn't have sores too bad in his mouth yet. I am hoping he may avoid those. He hasn't had much of an appetite this evening, though, so I am wondering if they are on the way. He has the little red bumps all over his hands, arms, feet and legs. Poor baby! He doesn't seem to uncomfortable with it yet since the rash is not itchy. Thank goodness!

Praying my little man will feel better soon. We stayed home from church tonight although he was there this morning before I realized he had it. Hoping it won't spread through the church kiddos! We were able to watch the online service for First Baptist. That's wonderful; we enjoyed that!!

We are having a bit of the "up close and personal" look at the "terrible twos" right now, but he is still lots of fun in between times!

I do love being a wife and mommy!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

AMAZING Day Off...

A TOTALLY AWESOME Day off with my wonderful Babe and my cute little Bud. Dan arranged for someone to teach his class for him and spent the WHOLE DAY just having fun with Darren and I..."Just Because!"

Our view from the hill where we were flying our kites...

We have been super busy lately so this special day meant the world to me! What a wonderful man!

He worked last night, of course, so he slept in a bit. We ate breakfast then left to go to the city. We flew kites by the water and ate a picnic lunch.

Mommy and Darren flying kites near Ghirardelli Square...


Darren flying both kites by himself...

Daddy and Darren...

Then we were able to tour the sailing ship, Balclutha of 1886. WOW! That was by far THE coolest thing I have ever done in San Francisco! I love links to the past and seeing how they operated. We were just going to walk by it, but found out it was FREE DAY! We didn't even know they had one! A big HUG from God!! (We also found FREE PARKING!! Another BIG hug from God!)

The Balclutha of 1886...

SMOOOches for Daddy, as Darren calls them!

The ship is amazing as it still has almost all things original including much of the original flooring. There are 3 decks. The very bottom deck is currently under preservation construction but we were allowed on all other levels. WOW!! I know my Dad would have LOVED that, the Navy man! Darren loved it because it was just like "Taptain Hook's Pirate Ship!"

Some of the bunks below deck...

Part of the Captain's Quarters...

A Crew member aloft in the rigging!

Daddy and Darren up by the bow of the ship...

The VERY small Galley!

Hugs for mommy on deck!

A clear day to see Alcatraz too!

After our family fun. We took Darren home and laid him down for a nap. Grandma watched him and Dan and I took off for a "just us" date!! I requested a trip to the Pacific. One of my VERY favorite things to do. The weather today was AMAZING and it was very clear tonight as you will see in the pictures.

We enjoyed a little hike down to the water and then just enjoyed the beautiful surf until sunset. Then what could better finish off the evening? SEAFOOD! We split an amazing bowl of clam chowder and an order of fresh fish and chips at Barbara's Fish Trap in Half Moon Bay. One of our absolute FAVORITES!

This day is at the top of the charts as one of my very favorites!!! Thank you, God, for spoiling us today, and thank you for family...especially the sweetness of a family centered around You!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

Great time out soul-winning with our kids today! Had just about half an hour out, but the 16 teenagers that went out still managed to see 5 people saved! I just LOVE the zeal of our teenagers! If you are ever in need of a soul-winning challenge, I challenge you to go with a teenager.

Dan and I didn't get to personally lead anyone to the lead, but did have the opportunity to pass out many tracts and invite several people to church.

Pastor taught a good lesson on the life of Solomon tonight. Good group at church.

Darren always has something new every day to make me chuckle! Today we were playing the "Memory Game" (or the Memorio Game as he calls it.) This is the game where you match the picture cards of animal babies to their mothers.

We got to the frogs and I said, "Good! You found the mommy frog, now where are the babies?" He promptly found the card with the tadpoles. Then I asked, "What are the baby frogs called?" He thought for a moment then said, "Hmmm...Mommy, I know! Tadifrogs!!" I had a good chuckle over the tadifrogs! He is TOO cute!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Cowboy or Pirate?

What do you think?

Darren says he is pirate Like "Taptain Hook!" If we ever watch Peter Pan, I have to pause the sword fight until he can go get his "pirate gear" on. He has to feel as if he is joining in on the "swashbuckling adventure!" Ain't he a cutie pie?! Love my little man!

He has a yucky cold. I hate it when he is sick. Hoping he will be on the mend soon.
This picture I am posting was taken when Grandma and Grandpa Callaghan took him out to breakfast a few weeks back. Grandpa took this picture on his phone! Darren looks pretty happy about his pancakes, huh?!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Yay for the Library!

I love the Library! I think I have as much fun picking out all the old books from my childhood to read to my son as he has in hearing them! Frog and Toad, Curious George, Blueberries for Sal, Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel, etc. etc.!!

Darren and I are going to make Thursday morning our Library date! He was jumping up and down with excitement about ALL the books we were bring home and the special "Thomas the Train" video we were going to watch!

We had so much fun wandering through the few small shelves of our little Kensington Library. I think the smaller ones are nicer. They feel like an extension of your home; our little library in Griffith, IN always felt that way to me. I knew every little corner and turn as a child and can still see it in my mind.

I am not quite the avid reader that I wish I was. However, I feel it was in those VERY frequent Library trips that I developed my love for the English language. A love that led me to major in English for my college education.

I am saddened by the decline of knowledge most young people have today of our beautiful language. I certainly hope to help my son learn as many words as possible a young child. I feel quite certain this will help him when he reaches the Junior High and High school years of his education even if English isn't his favorite subject!

Monday, March 1, 2010

God is Good!

We had a GREAT night tonight at our 3rd annual Teen Winter Revival! Great group of kids, great, fellowship, fun games and video skits, Great preaching! We ended it all with some pizza, pop, games and fellowship.

I'll post more later but here are a few pictures for now...

Some ladies from one of the visiting youth groups...

The GREATEST Youth Pastor in the world, Bro. Dan Callaghan!

Our Quartet singing "If We Don't Pray (Angie singing from the piano)...

Two of our teen guys...

A couple of our ladies...

Nothing quite as rewarding as an auditorium full of Christian teenagers!

Some of our teen guys...

Some of our young ladies...

Some of our lovely hostesses...

Some of the guys from a visiting church...

The platform...

A GREAT evening! We also had 2 saved and baptized!!