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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Never a Dull Moment...

My husband and I work with the teens in our church youth department. It is SO much fun! There is NEVER a dull moment and never a shortage of "insults" and one-liners. Hmmm...today...they have created a new word. As opposed to "cool" they have now decided to be "ched??" WHATEVER that means! I think they make up their own words to see if they can be trend-setters! We love and are SO proud of our group of teens! They are crazy and fun, but they love the Lord and have such a great spirit. God is good! It is a privilege to serve Him!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Eating Healthy is IMPORTANT!

I believe the quality of what we put into our bodies will determine the quality of performance we get out of our bodies! Think about it...we are careful to give our car the right kind of fuel; how much MORE important are our bodies?! We should work daily to maintain a healthy body; this is done through the "fuel" or foods we put in our mouths daily. Do we mindlessly eat or do we read the ingredients? We could all (myself included) work on our health in this area a bit more, especially in today's BUSY, fast-paced lifestyle!

Portion Control!!!

My husband and I have found it too be true...you can lose weight simply by becoming conscious of your portions! Portion control is MAXED OUT in our society today. I LOVE to eat and am not a "fad diet" person. Meaning simply, I do not like to cut out any one certain type of food. I have learned to simply to measure EVERYTHING till I train my eye to a proper portion size. If I measure snacks and meal portions we soon realize how much more we DO eat than we SHOULD eat!

Isn't Life Great?!!

I am a happy wife to my awesome husband, Dan, THE MAN, and stay at home mommy to my fun man, Darren!

I have a four year Bachelor of Science degree for Secondary education, majoring in English. I LOVE to write and thus the reason for beginning my blog! (Also to stay in touch with my family and friends!) I would love to find an online position as a writer so I could work from my home and my husband would not need to work a second job.

It is a privilege to be a wife and mommy! I believe it is the highest calling for any married lady!