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Friday, March 23, 2012

I LOVE my family!

Hello to all our family and friends! Everything is well in the Callaghan world. We have had a great week and enjoyed meeting our new nephew just a week ago. We have also enjoyed having Bro. Paul and Mrs. Beverly Williams, Angie's parents, here for a week to meet their new grandson. We were able to go out as a family to Fuddruckers for Mom Callaghan's birthday. I tried the Elk Burger! It actually didn't taste too much different, but I can now say that I have eaten Elk. :) I have to say that I like the Buffalo better.

I just found out last night that the amazing man I married has planned a surprise get-a-way tonight and tomorrow for my birthday!!! So I get to enjoy a couple days with my Babe, what a treat! I am also very thankful for a mom and sister who are willing to watch our kids for us. They are amazing! Love you, Mom C. and Karen!!

Here are is a picture and short video clip for you all to enjoy. We love you all!

Darren holding his new cousin Mark for the first time at Wednesday night church. Can you tell he was excited?! LOVE my little man. He is ALWAYS passionate about everything he does.

Here is a little video clip I took while both of our kids were enjoying book/coloring time yesterday. I had to chop off a little of the beginning and the end so I could receive it in my email. Hopefully you will still be able to enjoy it! 

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